Hey guys,

   I am looking into moving to Nashville to further my career. I am looking for possible leads in there as Nashville is an obvious hub in our business. I have been a profession monitor engineer for the past 3 years, as well a novice tech working on everything from consoles, mics, networking solutions, video installations, chain motors. Really everything that is involved in a professional live sound company that has dabbled heavily in Lighting and also expanded into video.  I have built and designed systems from the ground up and implemented them in the real world. 

   I am comfortable in all fields of audio from field recording, live audio, recording, mixing, sound design, novice mastering, and I would say that I am a novice tech, although in the part of Virginia I am there really are not too many that compare in the tech department and get a far amount of business from that.

   Nashville is a massive touring and recording city and I know from the biz that jobs arent just posted. If anyone had some leads for me thought that would be much appreciated.

Thank You,

Adam Daube
only got here by owning a soldering iron and bad life decisions.