Re: How did they get that sound live?
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I've assisted on a couple of "live" mixdowns of multitrack recorded actual live gigs. Many bands even re-record them with the video cue. But you can do pretty much whatever you please with it.

What really makes me think is that in music everybody is expecting a performance to be "real". I mean, nobody picking up a vogue magazine thinks that the picture of that face on the ad is nothing but heavily edited to the point that the original model probably cannot be recognized. Or in movies, when the actor wakes up, everybody knows that it's not him actually waking up but him acting to wake up.

In music, it seems that everybody thinks that actually guys went into a studio and recorded a CD on the fly. And it's exponential: what you hear in late Beatles song never existed in the studio in the first place, but we can say that it was close. But a DVD of a lve band  nowadays, corporate music is so heavily remangled that it's far from the original. If that video is from '97, pro tools had been there for a long time (in fact, when I worked as a slave in one of the world biggest studios in '99, we were probably the last ones without pro tools rigs, as everybody was already editing the bejeezas out of songs).

P:S: btw, the rumble you guys hear is the floor tom, it's one of those instruments that in sterile modern production gets wiped out of the room to be replaced by horrific samples. When played like that, with a rhythmic pedal figure, is hell to a) gate b) bring out the attack c) control the muddiness. every single hit on it is totally different, dinamically and frequency wise.
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