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Roland M-480 rework strategy
« on: January 12, 2017, 01:18:20 PM »
Roland M-480 line mixer

I have a plan on changing opamps and caps in this beast.
The goal is to get the most clean sound out of it and also reduce noise.
Here's service manual.

It contains upc4570, 4565, 5218 mostly, cheap, old, outdated opamps.
Caps are electrolitycs, ceramics, no film.

The sound of the mixer is compressed, tight, not open.
The goal - to get very transparent sound.
It shall be used to sum a lot of synthesizers before ADC.
So any noticeable alteration of the signal is not welcome.

Where to start ? What opamps to choose from ?
I thought bout changing 4570 dip to 5532.
4565 and 5218 are SIP, so 2114 can be a substitute.
Maybe somebody have any thoughts or expierence on this ?