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never implied i wanted the thread for myself.just my 2 cents pitched in to help keep topics on point.

It SEEMS actually, just reread the whole thing....


deveation from the main topic is good

Whats your problem then, eh???

if you don't like me,my ideas, and my attitude keep those opinions to yourself you spanish sh*t wipe!

PLEASE where are the moderators??? we need a such person(??) here?

if this soap opera is over let's get back to the task at hand

NO, I think its time for some excuses on your part

not racist. i am spanish.

LOL, I`M Spanish, if you are spanish why your previous comment???

sure,please edit out the useless comments.
does the forum no good .waste of time too much drama for your mama type sh*t.just engaging the comment to the fullest extent.
ya i am.
soap opera not over yet?

I think you must go over other forums, you are not welcome here.
We are a comunity without problems between us, asking, helping in peace.
I can`t remember such kind of comments since the *** guy selling Gyraf designs at ebay.

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couldn't let kev have the last word?
are you my physiatrist now?
analyzing my words instead of my schematics.
ban yourself.


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Thank you synthi for your comments
thank you mathtrack.

I may not be mod here and I have no admin rights.
I ask ALL to refraim from postine in this thread unless it is directly on topic.

More-over I do suggest even direct ON Topic stuff is kept for another day.

thank you

it's all good.
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second that!


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end this now

this is not good
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Mathtracks (and everyone else keep this in mind as well),
I have edited your post and I suggest you read my comment there.
Being here on this forum is a privilage for all of us.  No one here owes anyone anything.  You were wrong to make such a comment.  We're usually very forgiving of people that admit and apologize for their mistakes, but let it be known that a repeated sentiment of similar kind will not be tolerated.
I am just the Web Geek here.