AML EZ1073 Elma Knob Fitment (wtf?)
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So I'm ending my EZ1073 build - there has been the odd niggling issue but generally gone according to plan. HOWEVER - I have a few questions to anyone who might have any experience with the ELMA rotary switches and knobs.

Question 1: What on earth is the washer/nut sequence on these things - Colin provided a compression lock washer but it only makes sense to use between the front panel and nut. He also provided two styles of lock nut - the standard type and a smaller spanner-only tightened version - that I first assumed will fit inside a standard elma knob recess... but no it doesn't. So what am I missing here? I thought maybe it was to fit behind the panel - between that and the body of the switch/pot but it's too thick for that.

Question 2: Bought some absurdly expensive 'standard'  Elma 1073 style knobs but the set screws are located RIGHT at the end of the shaft and they knobs pretty much come right off as soon as you try to rotate the switch. WTF? Any insights here? The only non-standard thing I did (or didn't do) with my build is not counterboring the face plate (it seems a bit of a poor design to require that just to get the hardward to fit at all!)

thanks much

Re: AML EZ1073 Elma Knob Fitment (wtf?)
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nobody? dumb question?