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the song is so old fashioned it won't be going anywhere soon.

A good song, and it is one, is never old-fashioned.
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You seem to have come to a consensus about my use of the drum track, but I'm not sure exactly what the problem is.
There is no problem with this recording.

In the techno world they strive for that dead-on metronome accurate mechanical timing thing, and as an alternative to that, the rest of us enjoy music with "feel".

A slight timing difference between the drum hit, the bass attack, and the start of a guitar chord really doesn't need to be aligned up per track to the millisecond in post, it is much more organic/orgasmic without resorting to all that over-processed crap, leave the "feel" in it, don't mechanize it.

I liked the song.

Cinnamon girl was cool, too, except for that one wrong note at the end of the lines, you went 8-5-8-5, should be 8-7-8-5.



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Good song. I think it's good that it sounds like there are humans playing.  At first the sibilants sounded quite loud in the vocals but then I listened to some music that wasn't recorded more than 50 years ago and realized they aren't that loud. Is it just me or does anyone else think that sibilants are loud and annoying in a lot of music that's recorded nowadays?
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Thanks Gene and Heikki,

You have restored my faith in my ears!  I was beginning to doubt them after all the timing issues mentioned.

I guess the modern generation come at music in a more technical way due to being able to visualize every note on the DAW.

 Thanks to everyone for all the comments made.

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