Alternate transformer choices for Pultec circuits
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There are a lot of people on the forum that are building Pultec (and LA-2A) circuits and installing them into group buy chassis.  Good and bad news about transformer choices.  The good news is Cinemag is making a faithful reproduction of the Peerless S-217D. Problem number one solved.  The bad news is the interstage transformer HS-29 has become just as rare.  The HS-56 input transformer is still reasonably available.

What are other DIYers doing about transformer choices?  I have an HS-27 and a UTC A-18 and A-16.  These all have slightly different ratios than the HS-29 of the original.  How critical is the 1:2 ratio?  Is there that much audible difference between that and the HS-27 with its 1:1.72 ratio or the UTC 1:3 ratios?

Any advise or guidance would be appreciated.


Re: Alternate transformer choices for Pultec circuits
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with an adequate amount of information and a small group of DIYers interested,
it should be perfectly possible for me to make those transformers with all the quality they need to have
have fun,

Ciro Marzio