Debug GSSL build (with sidechain) / UK
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I'm hoping someone here can help me? I started building a SSL compressor clone about 10 years ago using this website, I never finished the project and not long after stopped making any DIY gear so it's sat on a shelf ever since.

I'd like to get it working to give it to someone but having been away from DIY gear building for so long (and having not been an electrical engineer in the first place :) ) I thought it might be better getting a "professional" to do it.

Is there anyone in the UK that would be able to assist? Currently both PCBs are populated and mounted in a 19" case and everything is wired up. I need someone who can test it (safely, as it uses mains electricity) and trouble-shoot the mistakes I no doubt made putting it together.

Please let me know if more information would be useful.




Re: Debug GSSL build (with sidechain) / UK
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I've built a couple of these before and could help if you still need help?
email: [email protected]

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