U87/67 TLM 67 threaded base unit
« on: September 26, 2016, 05:25:11 AM »
Hey, as ioaudio seems to be not active anymore, I will try to make my own U67. I got an U87 head assembly and body tube for cheap, but the rest of the body is quite expensive when buying directly from neumann... So I wanted to ask, if someone with an U67,87 or TLM 67 can give me the thread size of the bottom end ring, and the diameter of each of the 4 plains from the threaded base unit.


Re: U87/67 TLM 67 threaded base unit
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2016, 04:18:31 PM »
I'm sorry I can't help you, but that would be awesome to have a nice body for those builds.