Is the HP6205B supply bipolar?
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Silly question, but I can't find and explicit answer. It has +, Gnd, - terminals, but the word bipolar doesn't show up in the manual. Trying to figure out if I want to pull the trigger on one.



Re: Is the HP6205B supply bipolar?
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It may just mean the chassis ground is floating wrt the PS 0V.   

A bipolar (dual output) supply would probably have +V, -V, 0V, and ground. Or maybe just two pair of +V and 0V that you can connect together to make whatever you want.

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Re: Is the HP6205B supply bipolar?
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Thanks, apologies for the silly question and found another thread in here that helped.

It is a dual supply, both floating, and the manual does indicate the dual supplies can be run in series, parallel and tracking modes, which I believe can support at floating bipolar output. I've got a couple of DIY linear supplies, but was looking to get something a little more robust in terms of chasis. At $50, I think I can take a risk on making this work.


Re: Is the HP6205B supply bipolar?
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I have 2 of the 6205C supplies on my bench and have been using them for years.  They work well and are flexible.  You can still find the manual at HP/Agilent and it details the modes of operation.  The C version has a screw terminal strip on the back of the unit and depending on the jumper settings can handle most anything you'd probably want to do.   I would not hesitate getting a good used unit.  Not sure how much different the B series is but the C unit is good in my experience.  They are dependable, well built and not costly on Ebay.

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