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Beware of PCBWay
« on: December 23, 2016, 10:33:40 PM »
Last time I ordered 10 pcs for $10 with them, everything went smooth. Did two boards instead of one, because of through hole parts, and no space left.

Revised my design to use SMD parts to fit everything on the same board, and kept the size the same as the old one.
First submission I was charged $50.
Re-submitted the files, and wrote down "NO PANELIZATION REQUIRED."
Today it became $25, instead of $10.

Apparently, there's a hidden cost of $15 to print my manual cutting guidelines that I drawn on the top silkscreen of my boards.


Re: Beware of PCBWay
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2016, 05:49:00 PM »
I've never had an issue. 95% of the time my boards are processed as per the quoting tool, the other boards which incur an extra charge I can send them a quick email and Alice will explain why there is an extra charge(additional CNC routing, doesn't meet normal guidelines etc).

Sometimes they even lower the price after reviewing the board without my asking.

Granted I have never done any boards that may fall into the realm of panelization - maybe they see your manual cut lines as a way of cheating the system so to speak?

Re: Beware of PCBWay
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It would be cheating if I didn't let them know I don't want panelization, and pretended to be oblivious.

With most PCB fabrication house I have used in the past (iTead, Seeed, PCB Express, and so on), manual cutting lines on the top silkscreen/overlay layer is allowed, and will be ignored/treated as no panelization, because they weren't made on the keep out layer.

What I meant by Beware is just a friendly information to anyone here who uses their $10 quick turn prototype service, not to do what I do, because you'll be charged an extra cost.
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Re: Beware of PCBWay
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Final update.

The board design I submitted was kinda like this. Dotted lines were on the top silkscreen/top overlay.
Wrote down in the instructions box that I don't want panelization and I will cut manually along the dotted lines.
Didn't matter much. Reviewed cost was still way off from the advertised price tag.
Considered writing the instructions in Chinese. Did so. Didn't matter either.
Only after I removed the dotted lines, the cost dropped down to $10.