Sony MDR-7506 Replacement Drivers
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I torched my Sony MDR-7506 phones so I bought a new pair. But I thought I could use the old ones at the workbench so I also got some replacement drivers from China via Ebay.

The replacements look pretty good. They're ~35 ohms instead of the usual 65 ohms:

The one on top is a Chinese replacement.

Here is the response of my old phones with Chinese replacement drivers:

and here is the response of the new genuine Sony phones:

This is a QA400 audio analyzer driving an NJM4556 in parallel style headphone amp into an SM57 and API style mic pre. So a lot of the response is dictated by the rig. But clearly there is a difference.

But most important, the new 100% genuine  phones have more bass. And strangely they isolate ambient noise much better. Whatever the problem is, the new 100% genuine Sony phones sound better for sure.


Re: Sony MDR-7506 Replacement Drivers
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Nice save. 

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Re: Sony MDR-7506 Replacement Drivers
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thanks for the tests.

I use Sony MDR-7506 headphones for some years now.
I like their sound, specially because there's no "bass boost" like in other modern types that make the bass sound artificial and exaggerated.

The high mids have a bump, some people find that a bit harsh, but I used them for such a long time that I got used to that and know how they translate to other systems.

I normally have to replace my drivers every 2 years, I never add this with any other type of heaphones but after a while you loose the bass and the High mids start to get distorted. For rock music sometimes I don't notice they are starting to get bad until when I have to do a mix of Jazz or something with a Grand Piano and I notice they distorted on some chords. Time to change the Drivers for new ones and everything is good again.

I always buy Sony original replacement drivers,
may I ask you why did you buy chinese drivers instead of the original ones?