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WTB Custom Transformer with US-EI150 Core
« on: January 11, 2017, 11:02:36 AM »
I´ve got a hard time finding a replacement for a burnt tube powertransformer here in non US .

My first choice was to repair the old transformer  but the laminations are in bad shape , too and costs would be quite as much as buying a new  transformer .

Dimension wise I depend on an US EI150 Core (see attched pic from Edcor laminations)
the original Transformer was app a 2,5" stack.
i found something similar at tubeampdoctor but i need all outlets to be on one side .

Can anybody point me into the right direction to transformer manufacturers that make one-off custom transformers  and ship worldwide ?
(I asked Edcor btw , but i need more secondaries than they can make )


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Re: WTB Custom Transformer with US-EI150 Core
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You could try here, they are wonderful to work with and pricing is very acceptable. I never asked them to do anything as specific as you're asking for though, only toroids.




Re: WTB Custom Transformer with US-EI150 Core
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I would say Sowter but they are very expensive for one off.

However, I have just discovered a local company in Glasgow but I do not know them. E-mail me your specifications and I will give them a call to discuss and see what they come up with. If it is all ok with you, either you deal with them directly or I would happily do it on your behalf and ship it to you.