High End Front Panel Design
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I have been working on some designs for a few upcoming projects. My first Project is going to be a p2p Pultec EQP 1A Pair,  second a Fairchild 627 stereo pair, and finally, if I have enough time, the DR-73 (Pair). I'm kinda bored of all the faceplate designs, so I thought I would go with something a bit different. I chose to do 4mm carbon fiber, which will be overlaid on top of aluminum, fastened with anodized countersunk screws. Also notice the magic eye tube I included in the panel design. Included this for aesthetic reasons only. It should go well with the 627 design by AML. Let me know what you all think. PM me if you would like to get more info.




Re: High End Front Panel Design
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A 19" / 3U / 4mm carbon fiber board will make your project quite expensive.

But if you love the carbon look, maybe  this technique could be interesting for you:

...markus :-)

Re: High End Front Panel Design
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Very stealthy!