Re: Neumann M49 DIY Bodykits – €110 + €40 shockmount – 12 units left!
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Paid another 2(paid total 4)


Paid 1 × m49 body kit excl shock



Re: Neumann M49 DIY Bodykits – CLOSED
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Sure! I bought some 38mm acrylic spheres from, holes were made with my small lathe (forstner drill). Will look for a photo later!

Great job!
I think it would be very nice to make something really M50-like.
There is this option for capsules:
Flea F9:

Already  paid for mike and SM ;)


Just 7-kits left. Will leave open for a few more days, and then we'll pass on to ordering the Binders.

For anyone who's still on the fence, here's a commercial mic using this exact same kit:


Yeah sounds good !
I'm really excited 😊


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Payment sent 1 x M49 kit plus 1 x shockmount.

Interested in 1 x binder kit.




I don't mean to hijack, but does anyone know of any vintage style PSU enclosures currently on offer?

I don't think people realize what an embarrassment of riches this place is   -  Paul Gold


There are a few options for that:

There may also be other options, but these are the ones i know from the top of my head.



I don't think people realize what an embarrassment of riches this place is   -  Paul Gold


Maybe I will also offer my versions here soon(1mm steel, different versions for pattern/no pattern selector)

I’d like 1x mic body kit with shockmount and 1x binder kit.

I’ll send the money in now. Thanks!


Only 5pcs left. Will leave open for another day or two.

I got off the fence and sent in my payment for one.
Would be interested in the connector set, but Timjag's inbox is full.

Thanks for making this happen, cheers, tony


Don't worry I'm on it! Today is my first day off for a week so I'm going to get the list together and any names I don't have I'll contact you directly


Just paid for one & mount . Thanks for making this happen !

i will take one mic body and mount.


I want one, probably 2 but just not in the budget right now... next round ???