Father time

I have a Spectrasonics 101 preamp card, resistor, edge connector, a Triad A-67J transformer, a Triad HS-66 Transformer, and some paperwork on the build. I bought these pieces from Richard Guy, a long time Spectra Sonics Tech. There is some literature and info on Spectra Sonics equipment that came with it. I bought this kit a while back, and just haven't had time to attempt to build the kit. I had also purchased a Trex Power Supply kit, Power Switch Kit,, 48v 40w Switch Mode power Supply (wall wart), and Go Between kit from JLM with the hopes of wiring up a single channel mic pre. I never got around to it, mainly due to the fact that I didn’t have some of the equipment I needed to even start on the build, and couldn’t justify spending more money at the time, and didn’t have space to spread out and build the thing anyway! (still don’t). I understand that the grounding scheme can be finicky, and some of the connections just didn't make sense to me, even after speaking to Joe Malone, and Richard Guy.

My question is would anyone be interested in putting this together for me in a small enclosure? (I don’t have a metal rack or enclosure either). I have pretty much everything except the XLR in and out jacks, and maybe a resistor or two, and of course would need wire and a small enclosure. Here's the original thread on these. This is the only info left that I could still find on group diy. https://groupdiy.com/index.php?topic=11466.0

Let me know if anyone would be into building this for me. Preferably a local California tech.

If I can't find anyone to do this, I'm going to be selling everything.