They're from "an aerospace-parts factory".
Right. No comment  :D

Come on, Banzai, tell us a little more.  ;)
Buy one first, and I'll tell you everything you want to know  :P

But otherwise, it is important to differentiate these from other generic/ubiquitous products, at least to give an impression of how they perform. So for me, these are better than those other capsules, but no criticism or comment beyond that. Especially no comments on Chinese manufacturing in general, they're capable of producing the best just the same as the worst.

The capsule mounts are from 797-audio though, I bought those myself. No nasty rubber smell, and overall properly manufactured mounts. Perfect example of solid Chinese work.
« Last Edit: June 18, 2017, 01:03:26 PM by Banzai »

Removed the shipping constraint of 5pcs / package.

« Last Edit: June 18, 2017, 06:44:01 PM by Banzai »


Paid for 2x K47.

Thx  :)


Payment sent for 2xK47.

Many thanks.



Paid for one k47


for the record: sent you an extra 100 and changed my four K47s to three and added two K87s.

for the record: sent you an extra 100 and changed my four K47s to three and added two K87s.

Thanks Robert! All confirmed


Sent payment for 2 47's.

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Payment sent for an 87 to Montreal.
Thanks a lot !


Money sent for one K87 - wanted one K47 too but too late.



Don't overlook the edge terminated one, folks.

As a rule they sound big, hifi and never boxy.

Fitting in a mix is overrated IMO.


Payment sent for 2 x CK12
"Nasty, talking to a slightly deaf journalist, had claimed only that the Rutles were bigger than Rod."

Will F

Payment sent last night for (1) K87 and (1) CK12 shipped to Wyoming, USA. I just wanted to touch base for contact purposes here.

Thanks! I'm very much looking forward to these.

Will F.


 Payment sent for a ck12


Payment sent for 2x CK12

...not perfect, but close enough for rock 'n' roll...

 Payment sent for 1x k87 and 1x ck12

Thanks Banzai!


Paid for one K87 capsule!  8)

Cheers, Anders
Hmm... in which direction do the electrons actually go?


Money sent for 2pcs K87s. Thanks!

Thanks to everyone for your orders! All capsules bought until today, will ship in the next 10-days.

I've also listed another 50pcs K47, running for one week only. Whatever quantity is ordered will be produced especially for us, and delivered to me in 30-days.

Last chance to get a lovely capsule for a very decent price ;)

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