edit: I did it on my own!!  electronics!

Hi friends.  I want to hire someone to help me display the Peak Reduction on an LA-2A using a 10 LED meter maybe utilizing an Lm3914,3915,3916.  This does not have to be switch compatible with the Output level, as a simple LM3915/3916 kit is already working wonders for this.  I have been unable to properly set the PR though, and need guidance.

Want to pay for design time, assistance and troubleshoot. I can breadboard several circuits with parts on hand and offer any testing data to assist debugging.  The compressor is working correctly to my knowledge, all voltages are correct and compression is audible.

Please let me know in reply what you might charge for such a job or hourly rate.


p.s. I live in Georgia USA if that's helpful.
p.p.s. I have the power supply design and implementation covered already, just need a proper circuit for display.
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