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Hey guys,

is here anybody familiar with Bruno 2000's SSL projects?

I have a little issue with my 9ks. voltages at IC22 & 29 (NE5534) on booth of my boards are not were they are supposed to be.
Pin 2 has 11,2 VDC, Pin 3 has 16 VDC
i measured these values with all socketed ICs removed from the board and signal shorted to ground at the input.
is this a normal behaviour?  :-\ it would be awesome if somebody has an idea where i can hunt the mistake.

cheers  :)


    Muehldorf am Inn, Bavaria, Germany
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hey guys,

a little update.
according to the original thread's information the 9k should have 75db of gain.
i can not test it 100% accurately, but my pres give me only 24 to 25db of gain.  :o
mh something strange is going on.  ::)

any ideas?


do you have a schematic?

Also what do you get when you measure VDC on pin 4 and pin 7 respectively in reference to ground?
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    Muehldorf am Inn, Bavaria, Germany
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hey thanks for helping  ;D

yes i have the schematic. it is in the attachement.

when i measure pin 4 & 7 to ground, the result is the perfect supply voltage. +/-16 VDC.
i already checked schematics, too.
pins 2 & 3 of booth ics are connected to mat02eh within the signal path.

do you think it makes sense to exchange mat02eh??
i have 2 more of them


You should post on the proper thread.

There's already a thread for that project