Eventide Elevate
« on: October 11, 2017, 12:25:32 PM »
I have downloaded and tested a product distributed by Eventide called Elevate.   Its a new spin on digital limiters used like L2.   I'm impressed with its sound quality.   

Anybody else tried this?


BTW I don't work for Eventide.  Just wonder what you think about this. 


Re: Eventide Elevate
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Just saw emrr's post the look of audio in the truth table  section.  That would be my criticism of this plugin. 
There is an amazing amount of visual info that makes you look more than listen but still I'm amazed with the sound of the plugin. 
The computer gaming platform seems to affect the audio world  and I suppose most programmers fall into that age group. 
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Re: Eventide Elevate
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I am trying it out, but I don't have a final conclusion yet. It is definitely interesting... Anybody else?