Re: Modular Tube Preamp System
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Yes, the pins are from Harwin, Mouser # 855-H3161-05
Thank you sir.  Again, nice work


Re: Modular Tube Preamp System
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I've got the final front panel for the PSU today, so here are some more details:
I've designed two PCBs for the required voltages. Here is the HT PCB that bases on a schematic Michael Kingston published some time ago. It can supply up to 300V regulated. I've added a voltage divider for the elevated heaters I use in this project. The little toroid transformer is custom wound, it'a 28.8VA 240V transformer.

Next is the PCB that holds two SMPS, the large one is a MW LRS for the heaters, the small one is for 48V.

The two cards co into a large Fischer cassette that is able to hold several euro cards. Special rails for the cassette are required.




Rear view


I started in 2017. Still one module to build...