Re: Simple Tube Tester?
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I have an AVO mk 3 & also a mk4.  I never got round to selling the mk3.     You can read what the mk4 does in the user manual on this site https://frank.pocnet.net/instruments/AVO/HR/ValveTesters/manuals/VCM_Mk-IVuser.pdf
iT does the tests that the Utracer doesn't do like gas & leakage tests etc.

Thank you so much Rob


Re: Simple Tube Tester?
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i got a Metrix u61b , was considering this ( http://roehrentest.de/) a few years back , but it isnĀ“t a cheap project so i never built it .
got the metrix quite cheap and never looked back .
does everything i need and no need for charts , only the daatsheet . tests for shorts and leakage , too
( gotta make me some adapters , though , only got octal and noval atm )