Mini-jack Patchbay?
« on: December 31, 2017, 08:50:55 PM »
I was thinking of getting a smaller profile patchbay and was wondering if there were any reasons against building one out of mini-jack sockets. Using decent quality connectors I assume it would hold up to repeated plugging/unplugging. Eurorack modular synths use mini-jacks and I'm not aware of any problems associated with them in that respect.


Re: Mini-jack Patchbay?
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Never seen a decent switching mini jack.


Re: Mini-jack Patchbay?
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I got a tt patchbay from "mr patchbay".  He had a used switchcraft and it was a really good deal.  I recommend checking out his supply.
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Re: Mini-jack Patchbay?
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i would say don't do it

tt barrels are smaller in diameter than a good mini plug,

therefore, it will be easier to read the lables and get yer fingers into
a crowded patchbay.


Re: Mini-jack Patchbay?
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Can you actually get decent quality 3.5mm balanced cables? I would think that's the limitation....