Tube/Valve power transformers.

I have got these custom made by Avel Lindberg. The plan for the design has changed and they are now surplus to requirements. Brand new and unused. I am selling them at cost.

They have electrostatic interwind screen between the primary and secondary, mu-metal screen on the outside and final plastic encapsulation. The fly leads are 50cm long. They have 2 x M3.5 brass inserts on both the top and the bottom for mounting.

These are high quality transformers.

Dimensions: 35mm high x 108mm diameter (particularly suitable to go into 1U case).

Primary  1: 0—115v  50/60Hz.     (BLUE-GREY)
Primary  2: 0---115v 50/60Hz.      (VIOLET-BROWN)
Screen ----------------------------------------------------------------------  GRN/YEL
Secondary  1: 0—200v     @ 40mA rms.                  (BLACK—RED)
Secondary  2: 3.15v–0–3.15v      @ 1.8A rms.    (ORG/WHT—YELL–ORG)
Secondary  3: 13v–0–13v  @ 900mA rms.          (GRN/WHT – WHITE--GRN)
Total Rating: 43va approx.

I have 5 pcs available.

GBP 38.00 each plus shipping and paypal. No paypal charge if sent as gift.
Please note that I have to charge 20%VAT on these if you are in the UK or EC.  VAT receipt will be issued.
If you are in the EC and have a valid VAT number then it will not be charged.
For the rest of the world there is no VAT.


Carnhill VT31077 high quality custom toroidal transformer with primary/secondary interwind screen.

Suitable for heater supply. Or use two back to back and not only you have a heater supply but also a multi tap HT.

Dimensions 75mm diameter x 37mm height.
Fixing by 2 x M3 through the bottom.

Primary :

Blue: 0v
Yellow: 100v
Orange: 115v
Red: 220v
Brown: 240v


Center tap
Grey: [email protected]
White (CT):  0v
Black: [email protected]

Green/Yellow : Earth

I have 3 available.

GBP 15.00 each plus shipping and paypal. No paypal charge if sent as gift.


These were removed from a fully working Laney GH50L head. I racked the pre-amp for a friend. Hence these are surplus to requirements.

1 x Output tx (50W)
1 x Power tx
1 x Choke
2 x EL34
2 x Socket

GBP 125.00 for the lot, plus shipping and paypal. No paypal charge if sent as gift.


Audio grade potted toroidal transformer made by Avel-Lindberg.
New and in original packaging.

PCB mount. Alternatively solder directly onto the pins as it also has brass threaded insert on both sides for chassis mounting.

Electrostatic Screen
Primary  0-220-240V
Secondary 1:  0 - 17.5V @ 500mA   ( Unloaded 18.5V )
Secondary 2:  0 - 17.5V @ 500mA   ( Unloaded 18.5V )
Transformer diameter: 74mm.
Transformer height: 33.5mm.
The height of the solder pins  is 4.5mm
Overall height is 38mm. 
(When the transformer is soldered onto the PCB it allows the solder pins to be trimmed by 1mm, bringing the overall height down to 37mm.)

Transformer GBP 6.00 each plus shipping and paypal. No pypal charge if sent as gift.


PCBs for the above Avel transformers to make  HT, heater and the other auxiliary voltages for tube based projects. Basically the two transformers are connected back to back. Please note that the boards you will receive are in green colour.

Board dimensions : 225mm x 75mm

GBP 10.00 each. Plus shipping and paypal. No paypal charge if sent as gift.


Used but in excellent condition, potted AIWA power transformer with flange for external mounting (can also be used internally of course). It is most suitable for Neve like micpre projects which require single 24V.

The taps are as follows;

Primary :            0 - 230V
Secondary 1:   12V - 0 -12V ( use for single 24V)
Secondary 2:    0 - 8V ( for relays, lights etc)
Secondary 3:   0 - 16V - 44V ( use 0-44 for +48V phantom)
The mounting flange is 70mm x 70mm and the overall height is 60mm.

7 available.
GBP 10.00 each plus shipping and paypal. No paypal charge if sent as gift.


These are leftovers from GDIY 51x/511 racks, and are now surplus to my requirements.
Right is in left is out. The pictures show the 2 way Molex headers for remote rail  status LED connections but the LEDs can also be soldered onto the board directly if needed.
Board dimensions are 75mm x 75mm.

I have 30 boards available.

Bare board GBP 5.00 each plus shipping and paypal . No paypal charge if sent as gift.
Assembled board  (fuses are not included), and connectors GBP 10.00 plus shipping and paypal. No paypal charge if sent as gift.


Dual output power supply. It is LM317-337 based. The output is adjustable (currently set to + -16V). I have tested this board with 2x15.7VAC input and at + -16V @ 600mA(per rail) output and the heatsink stays stable at 35 degrees C. So, as long as you do not drop too much voltage on the regulators you can pull much higher current.

The reservoir capacitors are 6800uF 50V Elna.

GBP 15.00 plus shipping and paypal. No paypal charge if sent as gift.


Toroidal line output transformer. Made by OEP.  New and unused.


DCR readings:

Brown-Red: 28R
Orange-Yellow: 28R
Green-Blue: 28R

63mm diameter x 30mm high

GBP 10.00 plus shipping and paypal. No paypal charge if sent as gift.


Lot of various audio transformers and mu metal shielding cans. However, these were used for development  purposes and sold as parts for experimenting, particularly if you are winding your own transformers. No guarantees are given.
First picture shows everything you will be getting.
There are two open frame microphone input transformers.
There are two PCB mount and one with fly lead Sowter microphone input transformers.
There is one Lundahl LL1540 line input transformer. This transformer has one coil open. Otherwise it is perfectly working as 1:1+1. It will probably an easy fix as normally it desolders itself at the pin due to overheating but I just don’t have the time.
There are four odd transformers. Two small and one larger transistors output/interstage. The big-brown one is an oscillator transformer that I removed from an old Magnecord tape recorder.
Finally there are four mu-metal shield cans. The circular ones are Sowter and the rectangular one is unknown.

GBP 30.00 for the lot plus shipping and paypal.


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