FET/Rack REV A& D Input/Output Knob Installation
« on: February 12, 2018, 10:49:08 AM »
Greetings builders,

Just finished building a FET/Rack Rev A & D. When installing the "Input" & "Output" control knobs, where do you set them?

If they are set full CCW, and snugged down and 6 o'clock them the min value is at 6 o'clock ( and the max value is 6 (doesn't go to "0").  If set at min value of 8 then my max value is 3 (doesn't go to "0"). Please advise.

Thank you guys,


Re: FET/Rack REV A& D Input/Output Knob Installation
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This is just the way it is - set them in what ever way makes you feel better and never look back.  :)
It's gratifying when the scale matches the turn radius around the knob, but  it doesn't in this case. 
Stand off to the side of the unit, out of the line of fire.  Flip the ON switch...  "Watch for flames and sniff for smoke."