Midas Legend 3000
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Hi everyone,

I have a few issues with a Midas Legend 3000 mixing console. The faults are not huge but all the same, need attention. I can't get hold of a Service Manual anywhere!

Behringer won't supply it at all - in fact they have been positively obstructive with this. I'm trying to find out if anyone has this document somewhere that they can send me or give me a link to download. It's just plain stupid that these guys won't release a manual on a desk that is effectively obsolete now! Do they realise just how much money is now sitting in my warehouse doing nothing? !!!

Can anyone help?




Re: Midas Legend 3000
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If you´re in EU I´d recommend to contact the Dynacord service department. Dynacord and Midas used to belong to the same parent company (Bosch) and Dynacord was the manufacturer and service point for some of the midas boards up until Midas went China:
Currently the german Midas service partner is
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Re: Midas Legend 3000
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Thanks Jensenmann!

I will contact them to see if they can help.  :)