Beyerdynamic M380 from Parts
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I stumbled onto the thread linked below on Electrical Audio's forum regarding capsule replacement for a Beyerdynamic M380, using the driver from a 600 Ohm DT-770/880/990 headphones a few months ago.

This week I managed to pick up both 600 ohm DT990 driver and a NOS M380 body (silver like the Opus 65)  for under $200 total on ebay.  The body is missing a few bits that the complete original mic has and I'm looking for some clear reference photos if anyone is willing to open theirs up and take a few. Namely, I need to get a better idea of the suspension mounts that bridge the gap between the capsule frame and the mic body.  Any other close shots of the capsule and a good description of the materials used on the capsule frame and the white foam pad on the rear of the capsule would be really helpful.
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Here's only really small pic:

Not help you much, last time i repaired it probably 8 years ago, don't remember these details.
Anyway  also pretty long time ago i bought cheap electret condenser for the mike body to use with this transducer.
I forgot about that -  so thanks for reminder :D
I want to use a spare 600ohm driver i have and try it in the studio for many sources. Anyway another occasion i will get 250ohm and see how this will work.

Thanks. I had found that one already. Unfortunately it's not much help. I'm hoping someone on the forum would be kind enough to open their own and take some up close and personal pics of the suspension mounts.

This is the best I've been able to get, from an image in the electrical audio thread linked above, zoomed and cropped. looks like a small rubber yoke that suspends the capsule frame inside the body.  I've emailed beyerdynamic's parts dept, but have yet to hear back. 

So I ended up with 2x bodies for this, and managed to get a non-functional TG-X50, which has basically the same internal mounting and whatnot, so that's a good reference.

I got a pair of 600Ohm DT-770s that had some bad wiring and harvested the drivers. Working on piecing these together, and debating making the TG-X50 into a third (I got a DT-990 driver a while ago)

At this point, I'm trying to settle on a felt for the internal baffling, and whatever the fluffy stuff is on the back of the capsule that I've seen in some photos. I think I'll just fake the rubber shock mount bits with some neoprene or something, and I need to find the correct foam to surround the internal capsule mount/baffle thing.

I understand the real M380's have a humbucking coil, which I can't find any useful information on, so I'll probably do without it unless anyone can offer me some clarity there.

Pics below. DIY'ed some new shockmounts from a 1/8" thick neoprene mousepad made a little y shape and accordion folded it to sort of be the same shape as the original. folded the top and bottom in opposing directions so it wouldn't twist to one side.

Also cut some felt, about 3/32" thick, not super dense, but it's what was available. Not sure what to glue this up with.
Also need to figure out the felt that goes on the back of the capsule in the M380. Pics and info are scarce.

Capsules pictured as well. These are drivers from 600 ohm DT-990 (black) and DT-770 (white) headphones.

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Good news. I found a pile of "e-waste" at work that happens to be in the form of a few sets DT-770 cans with 600 Ohm drivers. Wish I hadn't already over-spent on some on ebay. Maybe I'll experiment with some as mics maybe some will live on as headphones.
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