Need to something to check in NY, asap
« on: March 02, 2018, 06:48:32 PM »

Anyone live in Sunnyside, NY? Need baxandal EQ (BAXX) to check, it's kind of interconnection problem, balanced to unbalanced.
the owner don't have electronic knowledge and get confused. it's work when half plug on the patch bay, but weird noise when fully plug, the output driver using BB DRV134.

I think it's not hard to trace. I will give further info.

Simon Klontz

Re: something to check in NY, asap
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Are the EQ inputs balanced or unbalanced?  EQ have RCA jack in and out (Hi-impedance)?  Is the patch bay balanced (tip, ring, sleeve plug)?   The input or output stages of a lot of gear using balanced in and out do not like being forced unbalanced either on purpose or by unintentional error, and you get noise or other problems as a result.

Without knowing the EQ unit, the easiest "fix" is to get two transformers to convert the unbalanced input and output to balanced input and output.   If the EQ unit is unbalanced 600 ohms in and out, a 1:1 transformer should be satisfactory.  If the input and/or output impedance of the EQ unit is other than 600 ohms, the input transformer secondary and the output transformer primary will need to account for this.  Suitable transformers can be found on line; Edcor, Transcendar,  UTC, etc. should work; transformers cost money and you get what you pay for.