mods to ampex 600?
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I picked up an ampex 600 pre (no tape deck) in hopes of using it as an insert for some "pleasantly" crunchy surf/garage rock vocals. I've seen there are a number of mods out there for this pre to lower the noise and sweeten the tone for when you do crunch it up, a fellow member used to provide this service:


I don't think I need anything major, it's been recently serviced so it's functioning well (except the meter apparently), anyone who would be willing to tackle some of these for a reasonable price? Mostly to balance the output, and add an output transformer, maybe remove some of the tape deck circuit  and whatever helps with hum.

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Re: mods to ampex 600?
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It would help if you updated your profile to include your location.  :-*

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Re: mods to ampex 600?
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Thanks, just did -- the post originally said NYC but I wasnt hearing much so I took it off


Re: mods to ampex 600?
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Hi, did you ever get any luck with this? I know these units extensively and can answer any questions you may have/perform any service you'd like! Feel free to get in touch: [email protected]