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Re: How do people do it? Buying a new console
« Reply #60 on: June 14, 2019, 01:18:46 AM »
It's not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing, it's a mater of acknowledging the fact there is a demographic class that would instinctively go for a mouse to tweak sound, as opposed to those (like me) who reach for a fader or a knob.
Although I don't feel super-comfortable with it, I must admit the possibilities in terms of control-room layout and acoustics are tempting.
OTOH, I see many console-less studios that have multiple control surfaces arranged in a way reminiscent of a large mixer; the weight of tradition, maybe.
I think it's a good thing the ergonomics of music recording are re-invented, not for the sake of being up-to-date, but for a real workflow improvement.
When my digital mixer needs replacement (which may or may not be before I die), I believe I'll replace it it with a computer-based solution, just like I did 12 years ago, replacing my digital recorrder with a DAW. I hope then control surfaces and other HI products will have become mature enough.
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Re: How do people do it? Buying a new console
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I disagree, I always prefer recording with a mixer, its simpler, faster, you can eq on the run, inserts can be activated and deactivated,, etc.. But I see your point, I've been to studios that tell me that Im the only guy using the complete console, most people just use it to monitor 2 channels.

This may be true for most music production studios but there are enough applications left you don't want and can't do without.

Of course, you're both right. Sometimes, a mixer is just what you need, as i found out myself when I bought one because it was almost free...

I don't need it when tracking, fi, but it doesn't get in the way either. And I don't do much real mixing, so I don't need it at all, if you want. It's just a luxury to have 24 preamps, EQ's and routing on real switches.

It's just that the newest "beat producer" types, who work alone, don't really need it. And those are the 2nd hand buyers market.
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Re: How do people do it? Buying a new console
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I disagree, I always prefer recording with a mixer

I also feel that the comment was not about preference.

It was more that it's a fact that you don't need and analog mixer for recording or mixing, you can prefer to have one and it's totally respectable it's your personal preference.
I also like to mix or record with an analog mixer, but I don't cry or miss it if I dont have one, neither do I think my present mixes sound any worse than when I was using and SSL 4K E series.

But it's a fact that no analog mixer is needed nowadays for recording or mixing.
A mixer is still needed, any DAW has one.