Hi Everybody!

My wife and I are moving and there are some projects that I never got around to finishing. I won't have the space or time to finish any of these projects in the foreseeable future.  A brave and adventurous soul will find a goldmine of parts in this bundle.

To give some backstory, my friend and I started this project about 5 years ago when I was young and naive (still might be). We wanted to make an 8 channel Neve preamp/EQ box all in a single 6U. He designed custom boards copying the schematic of the BA283 as well as the preamp sections and EQ sections of the 1084. We planned to call this the 1080MORE because there would be additional frequencies than the ones built in the 1084. We only got through assembling the preamp section and then decided that we wanted to go back and redesign the boards to have each section on a single PCB because connecting 4 PCBs for each section was too much work.

We never got that far so what you see in this thread is a big box filled with a ton of loaded boards, transformers, Grayhill switches, and the 6U chassis with faceplate, a single 1U chassis, and more. There is also a pair of GSSL compressors that were never finished available here too. At the very least, you could buy this lot, take all of the expensive transformers, switches, and components, and start your own project. I have not been able to find the EQ boards but when I move, if I spot them I'll throw them in.

8 Carnhill Input transformers (CA-18-VTB9045)
8 Carnhill Output transformers (CA-18-VTB1148)
7 or 8 Greyhill switches for the preamp section
7 or 8 loaded custom BA283 boards
Tons of other rotary switches that I haven't counted (I believe these were for the EQ section)
1 power supply with a huge transformer to power at least 8 channels
2 GSSL compressors almost loaded
1 VU Meter
1 1U Chassis (might be missing screws, might be in the bags)
1 6U Chassis with faceplate for the 1080MORE
2 large bags filled with tons of caps, resistors, switches, faders, and other assorted parts
And there are tons of other parts that I am probably missing.
2 MNATS 1176 Rev A Blue Stripe Boards
2 MNATS Power Supplies
1 Stereo LA2A PCB Board
1 API 525 500 series kit partially loaded

Here is a link with more pictures of everything included: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9jrohtqdx2a5sgd/AAAobT0ITHfpigs9ZDhf0qeMa?dl=0

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Now I wish I didn't buy the Carnhills brand new


Pm'd :-)



I know it's pain in the ass to split and ship a few packages...

But I'm interested in 2 carnhills input ones.
Let me know
Life is a path, death the destination.

Hey everybody,

I'm still not willing to split up the Carnhills. But I'll sell the entire batch of Carnhills for $800 shipped USA. Or I'll sell the entire lot of everything for $899 shipped USA. (PayPal friends or Venmo to avoid fees).



PM'd  you....

Hey, Will you send only to US?


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