Re: Drip Dual-STA 5167 Limiter
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The reason why some SMA cables are very expensive is the RF use (transmitting) with rated cables. According to Drip you don't need these and you may use the cheep ones. Personally I think SMA is a good thing for must be shielded signal applications - but why use it for uncritical connections ? Like the IDC's better there. And maybe it's nonsense, but I don't use it for high power (heater) and high voltage connections unless I know the rating of the cables - that's the expensive ones.

Makes sense.  I will have to go double check which connections are which (diy has slowed down for me since the holidays), but I suppose the main thing I’ll look out for are the high power/voltage connections, and invest a little more money into appropriately rated cables there, and use the cheapo cables for the other ones.  It does seem reasonable to at least know the rating of the cables in those important spots, even if it turns out (for example) that all SMA cables clear the necessary ratings by default.

Re: Drip Dual-STA 5167 Limiter
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Just a random update. My Dual Sta is running strong. I've ran 24 hours straight before and it gets hot but nothing too crazy. I had to strap a 1k resistor across pin 2 and 3 of my meter pot to 0 the meter for some reason.

I wouldn't use NOS 6v6 tubes if trying to get both units running in stereo together. Used matched NOS tubes I paid way too much for and they sounded amazing but the discrepancy between outputs was too much to bare any longer. Using matched JJ's I got a long time ago and the unit runs perfectly in stereo. Sounds fine. New production 6V6 recommendations welcome.

Love it on vocals. Just tracked vocals for a friends album blasting the unit and it just makes everything sound upfront and beautiful. I like it better than my LA2A when ran at similar attack and release (#2 is about the same-ish). Would love to make a HPF for the Dual Sta though as it will considerably suck bass out of a whole mix at faster time settings.

Overall recommend the build as long as you know what you're doing already....

Re: Drip Dual-STA 5167 Limiter
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I know it’s an old thread but I’m currently picking up parts to get this build started. Thx to all for sharing such useful info.

For a Simpson 27 meter in the US:,81496,71732,59310,92196

Cheaper then Don Audio (dough not so cheap) but all the specs for the STA is available there.

Have build two Drip Opto 7 few years ago and gotta say the building documents where less confusing and very straightforward compare to the STA’s.

I’ll definitely post here if I got stuck at some point (wich will for sure happens).



Re: Drip Dual-STA 5167 Limiter
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Definitely let me know if anything comes up. There is some new documents for this build that I've only glanced at. I worked so hard to get mine as close to original spec as possible voltage wise. Had to do some cooky stuff.


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