Re: how is this not racist?
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Karlie is very cute.
Indeed but has a head on her shoulders too.... My kind of software geek.

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Re: how is this not racist?
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it is mostly testing your previous education level to see if you can handle the work. People can and do prep for entrance exams.

I was going from my experience. I didn't know there was test prep for the NYC schools. So those with better test prep do better. That's no surprise but helps make my point. Two people of the same intelligence would do differently on the test depending on the amount of preparation done. This could be due to lack of opportunity just as easily as it could be from laziness.

The small "a" is for exposure to art. It was called art appreciation back in my student days.  You can not teach someone to be an artist  and much great art is rewarded only posthumously, but we should be aware of it. Government support for arts has led to many expensive embarrassing fiascos which erodes public support.

Some of the elite high schools are for the arts. Like the "Fame" school. The audition is much more heavily weighted than the test. I have mixed feelings about Government support of the non educational arts. The vast majority of the NEA money goes for educational programs. I'm all for that. Funding original art is trickier. I have to say I don't have a lot of respect for many of the people I've met who chase grant money.

FWIW nobody taught me how to invent stuff... Most of my electronics education was self taught with some workplace mentors along the way (which is why I am willing to pay it forward).

Of course. School is supposed to teach you how to learn. It should Increase the students potential, not the outcome. That's why basing entrance on a test that tests accumulated knowledge is only part of the pie.  Eagerness and curiosity I'd argue are much more important qualities than the ability to memorize and recall information.


Re: how is this not racist?
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We are getting a lot closer.
Coincidentally I just read about a lawsuit pending against Harvard for similar sounding admittance criteria discrimination against Asian-American students.

Similar cases have made it to SCOTUS before but IIRC not from a different minority group, mostly inspecting reverse discrimination against non-minorities. This is apparently not settled law.

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