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Hello from Turkey!

Want funny and exiting travel? Come to Turkey!


Don't forget your gun and helmet.
I expect you may get a few too many visitors from neighboring Syria trying to escape rumored possibility of (chlorine) gas attacks by Assad.

I have been following Turkey for a while as it seems to have one foot planted in the west (NATO and trying to join EU), with other foot firmly planted in the middle east.

I know how much it irritates me, so I won't lecture you about your country.  ::)

John Roberts
Tune it, or don't play it...

Re: Share Your Worldwide Travel Tips
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I think thats solid advice too Sodderboy ,
Dry itchy and sore nose ,probably just increases the chances of the airbourne nasties making it into the bloodstream and further afield . The mildly medicated stuff you talk about wont allow bad bugs to get cosy which is a good thing.


Re: Share Your Worldwide Travel Tips
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bringing Food on a plane?  hell ya ,  buy on board is a worse ripoff than hotels , 

Domestic travel, absolutely.  I like to munch on baby spinach at the gate.  Munching is great to calm excitement, spinach is not greezy crisps and you still have the crackly bag experience.  I bring nice homemade sandwiches or broiled chicken pieces, finger food.  Nothing like a fresh travel sandwich made the night before with quality ingredients that soften together by flight time.  mmmm.  Totally beats the $10 box of cheese and crackers.



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