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It used to be that if someone on this forum asked "What is Ohm's Law?"

I get to use the quote SSL tech used on me 5 years ago:

Don't talk slick to a can of oil, son.

Re: Who is America?
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I'm well aware of Ian's electronic qualifications(yer kinda preaching to the choir).

The point wasn't electronics though, the point was, 'a link was provided for a reason'. The reason being, to watch the video at the other end of the link. I used it, and others proved capable of using it as well, without drama. Above and beyond that, I even offered up a wink, to diffuse any potential? hard feelings!? (total mystery to me, honestly)

I'm asking myself WHY. I already know the answer.

They should consider changing the name of this section of the forum from 'The Brewery' to possibly........'The Library'.

Would be a much more fitting title. *No lighthearted posting on various worldly topics.* *No expecting people to use their intellect and draw their own conclusions*. *No posting external links*. *No lighthearted sharing*.

Just argumentative political discourse, in essay format. Fun stuff!!! Seriously!  :D

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Uh oh. Sacha's gone too far! Roy Moore is threatening legal action(with God's approval).

For those of you that don't know who Roy Moore is, he's a judge based out of Alabama that was accused by nine women(ranging in age from fourteen to twenty-two) of sexual misconduct.

Racy post, I'm aware.

- "with God's approval".


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It used to be that if someone on this forum asked "What is Ohm's Law?", people would encourage them to seek it out!  ;)

'Who is America" is a new(first episode aired last week) controversial 'mockumentary comedy'(although, it's actually quite frightening if you ask me) featuring Sacha Baron Cohen.

References provided.  ::)

If you are unfamiliar with Sacha Baron Cohen, he manipulates selected targets(using makeup and other tactics) into believing that he is sympathetic to their viewpoints, which he subsequently then uses to trick them into revealing their true feelings in regards to various subjects. In this case, it happens to be arming children with handguns and grenades.

I wasn't lucky enough to see the whole episode. I've only seen Youtube snippets, such as the one posted.

Thanks desol. Now I understand.



'The only people not making mistakes are the people doing nothing'

Re: Who is America?
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Thanks desol. Now I understand.



No worries! No intended ambiguity here! :)

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Well, there's nothing wrong with people being enthusiastic about electronics if they show sincere interest. I don't get all upset over enthusiasm, but that's just me. Off topic...

- The topic being, the show mentioned in the title of the thread.
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Re: Who is America?
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I caught up with a few episodes of Channel 4 Sasha Barron Cohen Show ,
Holy hell ,all the saints and angels , what a monumental piss pull of the system ,Ive never seen the likes of it in my life ,
The make up looks like plastic surgery gone wrong, and he creates the most bizzare characters you couldnt even imagine ,
Twisted genious is my only description for it ,warped might be another term that applies , but as a vehicle to carry the message its spot on ,SBC's intelligence is astounding .
For the sake of JR's inbox I wont delve any further into the antics that ensue on the show , be prepared for your jaw to hit the floor , I found the intro parts with high speed images were better  off  avoided .

Some of his targets escape with more dignity intact than others , I dont know is this even meant for an or aired on US tv ,my guess is watching it and gauging your own reaction to it tells you something about yourself ,
its a stress test ,can you handle it ?


Re: Who is America?
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I can't believe the show isn't fake. It seems more ridiculous than pro wrestling.

Re: Who is America?
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Its like a comedy thats pretending to take itself seriously ,but in reality the joke is on the person who's getting stung , you have to give it to some of them for trying their damnest to make the best of it , The mosad training excercises  in the office with the campaign guy , his sidekick and the hams and gay porn sheilds to scare off gihadists is priceless comedy , the gym instructor guy came off badly really ,but he at least did show grit and determination in the true American spirit  :D
The guy he met in the book library was a very cool customer indeed ,how he didnt flip and ram pedo out through a security exit head first I dont know .  ;D    He did give him a very solid verbal kick up the arse on the way out
 I dont think I saw the Roy Moore one maybe that had to be pulled ,not sure .


Re: Who is America?
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There is always somebody trying to test the limits of propriety and gain some notoriety by being more controversial.

Sasha Cohen is no Lenny Bruce (Lenny Bruce broke down actual societal taboos). Sasha Cohen is a self aggrandizing clown.


PS: He duped Sarah Palin into participating by pretending to be a disabled veteran (pretty low IMO). No doubt amusing to some partisan warriors. 
Visit to hear what properly "cleared" drums sound like.

Re: Who is America?
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I admit...Sasha can be very antagonistic, even for me! However, I like these immoral wacko's being exposed for how strange they really are. Puppy pistol - 9mm for a 3 year old? Wow. And still strangely(but not really) of the people it didn't seem to affect was Bernie Sanders. Sanders was able to deflect quite honorably. Nice to see!


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