Dolby Atmos
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I'm starting to experiment with Atmos and i'm setting up a 7.1.4 monitoring . i currently have a 5.1 monitor controller and i thought of adding a second one for controlling the rear and ceiling speakers . I realize that proper dolby atmos  monitors have not only gain but also eq and delay adjustments but do you think for a starter solution 2x 5.1 controller could work


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I think Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) has an Atmos system. Maybe you could reach out to him for some info as well? I wouldn't know but he seems like he's pretty helpful when people ask him stuff online.....


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Thanks Scott, will do. Meanwhile just saw this Grace controller that looks nice and probably can't afford


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Have to say that after looking around about this, it sure would be cool to go hear it......  I'm not a big fan of surround sound, always seems a bit lacking to me but this ATMOS is interesting...... who knows.....

Rob Flinn

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Not too sure about home Atmos, but I was involved in installing a 46 speaker Atmos system in a film mixing studio.   In there you have a computer from Dolby that runs an algorhythm that converts the audio in real time to match the speaker array that you have in the room.   i.e if you only had a 20 speaker array it would optomise for that number of speakers.

That said it's not that expensive to buy an AV reciever with ATMOS capability https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-STRDH790-CEK-Channel-Dolby-Atmos/dp/B07C48JCNG/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1535013436&sr=8-5&keywords=atmos+dolby
regards Rob


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Thanks Rob, i'm going for a smaller set up only 12 speakers. Edit /mix room without the dolby RMU
I bought a second 5.1 monitor controller and i'll try to get by with that until i can upgrade
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