PocTop D-elam 251 Repair. White Noise Issue never resolved...
« on: September 18, 2018, 06:43:17 PM »
Greetings All,

I've been on and off trying to track down the white noise in my D-251 build for about a year now. I have noise tested the 6072a and its super quiet, Replaced the CT12 capsule, de-soldered the whole thing, cleaned it, re-soldered it up again, changed the output caps, twisted the audio wires in the power supply and kept them from the filter caps, tried filtering the B+.... all to no avail. The white noise makes it pretty un-usable for any voiceover/vocal or acoustic guitar application as the hiss is too noticeable.  I am going to post a few sample recordings, perhaps anyone has any ideas. Listen to the lead in before the guitar comes in... I am posting a recording with my D251 and next with my IO Audio U67. The 67 is dead quiet in the lead in...

251 link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/doga2sonunml4u6/Will%20She%20Be%20Gone%20%28251%29.mp3?dl=0

u67 link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1dmqcloash2avqx/Will%20She%20Be%20Gone%20%28u67%20no%20filters%29.mp3?dl=0

At this point I am wanting to hire someone to track down and fix this problem for this mic system. Anyone feel up to the challenge and have the knowledge and experience with such a job!?

Thanks a ton!



Re: PocTop D-elam 251 Repair. White Noise Issue never resolved...
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Can I ask what resistors you used and if you double checked the values, also what cable are you using between the mic and PSU and how long is it?
New York City


Re: PocTop D-elam 251 Repair. White Noise Issue never resolved...
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Hey Pip,

im using a 25' GAC-7 cable with shield to case on both ends.

I've double checked the resistor values.



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