Re: iOS for test and measurement
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I’m planning on running  Waveforms with the Analog Dicovery 2 and an audio interface  on a  small Windows 2 in 1. I’ll use the interface for low noise stuff. I’m waiting for the Analog Discovery to be available again before getting it set up.

I like the iPad better but there just isn’t the right stuff available in iOS.

Re: iOS for test and measurement
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I've been preaching this stuff for a few years, had a few plans to build some. Not that savvy with software or hardware design so after a long while researching the many avenues I would need mastery in to construct such a device, I have lost hope. I had intended to make a wireless I/O to work with the iPad for use with a very basic app like the one StudiSix makes, essentially a Neutrik A2 app. I travel a lot to studios and carrying a large laptop, test unit, and various wire adapters along with all my tools is just cumbersome. I wanted a small box I could just route signal in and out of to connect to my phone or ipad. None of the big boys (NTI, Prism) gave a sh*t about building anything for Mac when I spoke with them at NAAM, and I don't want to buy a PC/Bootcamp for this. Mac is plenty capable of running these tests, plus it has the benefit of being the computer choice in EVERY studio I have visited in the past 6 years as a full time tech. Not sure why they are so adverse to leaving the Windows domain, but I am sure the car industry and other large clients dont care about the Mac/PC argument. For now I use an Analog Discovery in a project box breaking out into 4 XLR/TT jacks. It works very well for the basic wavegen, and scope functions, but it is not designed for audio, so it is not streamlined. I recently found last week that NTI makes a box for testing Bluetooth with 2 XLR M/F that I am wondering may be able to commandeer to work as a wireless box to send/receive line level signals to an iPad/iPhone. Still havent composed the email to them to investigate.
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Re: iOS for test and measurement
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The BitScope was mentioned in another thread. It’s test and measurement software is called DSO. It’s cross platform. It has what they call Act On Touch. That allows you to use an iOS device with a Mac and an Android with a PC. All the parameters and display can be accessed via the iPad. It looks pretty cool.

It’s not perfect of course. You still need a Mac or PC, so not as compact as a direct connection to iOS. It’s a Two Channel 12 bit, single ended scope. The Analog Discovery 2 is 14 bit and has differential inputs. The Analog Discovery 2 is backordered with no delivery date. The price is right on the BitScope.


Re: iOS for test and measurement
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I got the BitScope last week. I liked it so far. I got it going on a MacBook Air which is my office computer. Since it seems like it’s going to be suitable I just ordered a Surface Pro 3. The BitScope supports multitouch so I’ll be able to use it like a tablet.

Running Windows 10 seems like a good idea anyway. I can load up Samplitude and also use it for LT Spice.

I haven’t used multitouch before. Maybe I can get other programs to work with it.

The reason I wanted to use an iPad had more to do with the tablet UI than the specific OS. Windows 10 with multitouch seems like it gets closer to what I want than anything else.


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