Noob Question about Pots PQ5
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Hi there,

this is my first post here and would call myself a total noob in DIY business. So I hope you don't mind my question.
After building some fully compiled kits by DIYRE I decided to dive a little deeper and build something more advanced.

I've chosen the DR-PQ5 ( and I am stumbling over the pots in the BOM. I found every part mentioned in the BOM at mouser, banzai or rs-online but for the pots no recommendations are given.

When I search for e.g. 5k lin pots at banzai I get a lot of results. What do I have to look for? Also for the poti heads. What do I need?

Thanks for your help.


Re: Noob Question about Pots PQ5
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Welcome to GroupDIY!

When choosing pots, there's a whole lot to consider other than resiatance. First of all the pot curve/law - Linear, Log or something else? Then mechanical properties like size and connections (must fit PCB?) - and last shaft type, diameter (and length, though this can be trimmed) that defines the range of knobs that can be used.

Notice that e.g. 5K is the same as 4K7 - these are just US and European numberings (and most pots are +/-20% tolerance anyway)

Jakob E.
..note to self: don't let Harman run your company..


Re: Noob Question about Pots PQ5
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If you bought a case or kit the seller should provide the necessary information.  As mentioned you will need to know the mechanical and electrical properties so it fits the case,  pcb,  and knobs, as well as performs correctly.

Places like digikey and mouser have good sorting and filtering for parts to find the appropriate one.

Re: Noob Question about Pots PQ5
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Hey guys
 thank you very much for your kind answers. So as none of these information (size, diameter, and so on) is given in the documents provided by Diy Racked, it looks like the best way is to ask directly at DR.

@Jakob: thanks for the hint with the different numberings. The pots are wired to the PCB so I'm mostly concerned about the physical aspects like size and shaft and so on.

Again: thanks


Re: Noob Question about Pots PQ5
« Reply #4 on: January 10, 2019, 10:00:45 AM »
I am building this unit and I have

RD1601LF-20F4-30R-B50K-6C2 10x    50k with centre click

RD1602F-20F4-30R-C100K-602 10x   100k

Alphastat @ PS Potentiometer-Service GmbH

For the shape LF is a 5k with switch,

CTS 270-5k-LIN 6x
CTS 270-SW-5k-LIN 2x



Re: Noob Question about Pots PQ5
« Reply #5 on: February 01, 2019, 06:00:18 PM »
Im currently working with Blore-ed to get a complete set of conductive plastic pots for this kit. The MOQ is a little high, so if anyone else wants to jump in, Id really like the help . Let me know if you are interested. The lead times might be as bad as 9 weeks though, but I am willing to wait to get all the pots in one go and have them all be tighter tolerance (10%).


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