Centrance Axe port pro
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I just picked up one of these Instrument input to usb convertors , 10 euro's , couldnt resist

Does any one have any experience using these units , are they any good , do they allow me access to the modern centrance drivers ?

Im hoping it will do ok as a high Z unbalanced input to the computer for direct connection to valve gear , has anyone opened up one of these for a look or made a schematic for it ?   proper full technical descriptions and specs seem to be missing


Re: Centrance Axe port pro
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No experience with them....but regarding CEntrance , I read a bunch that their DACports are supposed to be pretty good..... been wanting to try one out...

Re: Centrance Axe port pro
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Yeah Ive seen the dac port too  ,
I did find recently a small xmos board with Digital optical both inputs and outputs ,also opperable with Adat 8ch and another 8 channels via IIs


I was half thinking of mating it up to this ,


For about 130 and the cost of an enclosure, power supply and a small amount of time you could make yourself a very nice soundcard interface ,with the abillity to tweak the op amps if you want , there is of course many other xmos boards without optical input for around 30-40 euros .
With a nice linear psu in its own enclosure with 2x15 and 1x5 volts as well as optical or groundless usb you could completely avoid any chances of switching hash  ,youd be also free to try many mini compatible  Doa's , might be a fun project 

I wonder does the centrance driver for the xmos based dac port work with other xmos boards , the one that comes with the usb streamer is 'the syscon' driver ,Ive been trying to find out more about this stuff ,but its almost all advertising blurb that appears . Centrance seem now to be licenseing its software to many 'parteners' in the audio trade .
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Re: Centrance Axe port pro
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This thing never powered up properly until I gave it a separate supply from the computer usb , the on board led just blinked ,and the drivers didnt initialise . I rigged up four Nimh cells and used an 'Assistant' power usb Y cable to avoid the need for a usb hub . Works well but I can see a 30db decrease in noise when I make  contact with case .

It seems to work ok as input to REW ,input and HP gain  controls allow cal to be set up .
I like to adapt a scope probe with dc blocking and attenuation ,for higher signal levels .


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