AKG and electret capsules
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Hi all!

i saw an schematic in Gyraf for the AKG solidtube,electret...on some places i've seen people buiding microphones by surgering and improving small electret the question is:
Is it posible to build something like the akg mic with electret capsules?



AKG and electret capsules
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dont know the answer to your question, but a bump for ya.

just checked out your site. your music is AWESOME man! glad to have you here! those loopers look insane. beautiful work.
...has a 'gold sputtered capsule for vintage sound'...


AKG and electret capsules
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this forum is reaaally adictive! ...i've spent many hours reading meta's,evrything's about...the quality and amount of information is increedible,as is the gnerosity of guys here...
In a few words...i'm having a great time  :thumb:  :thumb:  :thumb:


AKG and electret capsules
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First, the AKG electret capsules do not have an internal amplifier in them - the Panasonic electret capsules do. This means you will need a high-impedance JFET amplifier. Not hard, mind you, but you will need it.

Basically, the AKG (and most Audio-Technica) electrets can be treated pretty much the same as any condensor microphone capsule except that you do not need polarization voltage.

Now, the acoustic design of the AKG capsules is much more refined than the typical low-cost electret capsule - the capsule design of the C451B (which is an electret) is pretty much identical to the old C451EB except that a thin electret film has been applied to the backplate - and the C4000 likely uses an electret version of the teflon CK12, but that's just by looking at the capsule photo in the service manual.

Hope that helps.



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