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Diet has something to with it.

Something?  It has EVERYTHING to do with it, along with a complete lack of motorized transportation.  A healthy person does not NEED "healthcare".  People in the states pay millions to gyms and specialty grocery to mimic the diet and exercise of your average Cuban.  Don't let one story about awesome Cuban doctors cloud the fact that a simple low calorie diet and exercise will do more for your health than any "healthcare" system.  The beautiful weather doesn't hurt either, occasional real stogie, sip of rum. . .

Die Mauer eventually did not work because the DDR was a totalitarian socialist state and their system broke down from within.   The US solution is not to make this place a similar hovel such that people will not want to come here, neither is it to just let everyone in for free stuff.  That will eventually cause the US system to break down a la Coward and Pivan.

 The system has to be tightened despite the powerful lobbying on both sides.  Borders, visas, employers, "entitlements", "healthcare" all need to be addressed to US citizens and residents first until "20% of US children go to bed hungry" is no more.

The Donald is not of the swamp and he is displaying what decades of foliticians have reaped.  Couple that with a total hatred of The Donald on the left and the media and people are not getting any real information on their feevees.  Congress is still as swampy as ever with their current "bi-partisan discussions on a border security plan".  They will do nothing in two weeks. 

I am rooting against the swamp creatures.  Shut it down in two weeks and really accentuate the fact that it is a bought and paid for Congress at fault for decades.

It's not tribalism or xenophobia.  Americans of all colors want this.



Re: US Shut-Down
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One story?

You should definitely inform yourself about enterovirii research. That’s diseases like Zika and Ebola. Cuba is the world leader in that field.

That’s not mentioning the fact that they also train thousands of doctors in South America, South Africa, Asia.

Die Mauer was the only one of the walls in history that was somewhat efficient, because it wa relatively short. During it’s existence only just over 5.000 people defected via that wall. Of course it was relatively easy to avoid it, which is why it was more of an ugly symbol.

I read a lot of that “swamp” lingo lately. Just hard to tell what it’s about really.

To me it looks like a slogan I remember from the election that told us Donald Trump hires the best people turned into “Donald Trump fires the best people”. I mean, how many of his close circle are in jail today? And how many will follow?
Why is it people love to believe and hate to know?


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