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I have a few different Loctite two part adhesives in  cartridges with a dispenser. I tried gluing two pieces of nylon together. I'm using  EA E-30CL which is supposed to bond plastic. I applied the adhesive and clamped the two pieces together. I waited over 48 hours before I unclamped them. I was easily able to break the two pieces apart. I was also able to easily scrape off the adhesive with a razor blade. What did I do wrong?

I didn't do anything special to prepare the surface. I wiped it down with 99% Isopropol. I just read the literature on that adhesive and it said it needs pockets (I forget the wording) for the adhesive to sit in. Should I score the surfaces?

I would also like to start bonding aluminum with adhesive. I figure if they can glue cars together I can glue some metal together. What kind surface prep and adhesive is strongest for aluminum?


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I used E6000 to bond poypropylene webbing and it is a strong bond a year later.
Very strong smelling stuff so it has to be done out doors.


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Detroit has been glueing cars together your years... IIRC 3M is a major supplier.

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I read some Loctite technical literature. They say you must rough up the surfaces to be bonded. They like sand blasting for plastics and a chemical etch for metal. I'll try the 3M Scotch-Brite wheels I have for the rotary tool. They don't leave residue. Acetone doesn't seem to damage nylon so I'll use that to clean and degrease.

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I second clear E6000. Oliver Archut turned me onto it for building mics, but I’ve ended up using it all over the place.