Need a good tech for old Gates Preamps!!
« on: February 01, 2019, 01:36:36 AM »
Hi guys,

This is my hail Mary before I completely ditch these two gorgeous mic preamps  :'(

I am writing this on the edge of my chair with a tear in my beer cause Ive taken these two BEAUTIFUL Gates Dynamotes to a few local nyc techs and they say it's too much work and they're too old. All the techs I use here in the city are insanley overpriced and their lead times extend over 12 months. I just need to find an honest tech I can ship gear to and know I'm getting quality service, I am turning to this community cause I'm pulling my hair out from failing to find anyone in almost two decades!

 One needs recap and to have the new transformer hooked up and the other needs recap and XLR I/O added.

I'm down on bended knee here, is there a tech out there who knows these and is willing to do the job at a reasonable price? I was kinda hoping between 300-400 bucks would get these sounding perfect but Ive already lost a couple expensive Manhattan bench  deposits and am just devastated cause these are very special to me and I reeeeeeally want to see them fired up in my recording studio again. Both are on eBay but I'd much rather pull them and hire a tech for fair price. Check em out and lemme know:

My 1957 Dynamote:
My 1954:

If anyone thinks they can take on this job for reasonable fee, please call me. THANKS FOR BEING THERE I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY!!! You guys are the best thank you

Joshua 212444889four
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Re: Need a good tech for old Gates Preamps!!
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has member mjrippe already turned these away?   He's the closest guy.  This is really basic stuff but I hear this story out of NYC all the time too.  People want to ship things down to me from there pretty frequently.  My backlog is also really far out too.....

Near me is member lassoharp who knows this stuff pretty well also. 

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Re: Need a good tech for old Gates Preamps!!
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I’m a very short drive from NYC - 15 MINUTES down rt 3.

Shoot me an email   
cs at


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