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Hey Guys

So many info on mod's of these old unites but nowhere I can find information on replacement PSU.

Could you please advise what replacement PSU would fit in this ?

All I have gathered according to the schema is that at the end of the power stage we need 12VDC +/- but to get there, we need to start with the right PSU voltage at the starting point which are....?

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you !!   :)


Re: DBX 118 PSU
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I saw this....


maybe helpful to what you are asking???

Unless you are asking about building your own supply from scratch???

Re: DBX 118 PSU
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hey..thanks for that. I just wanted to find out a replacement transfomer and the type really as the schematic won't display anything and I can not find anything related to this on the web, even knowing the serial number or the product number from these old DBX transformers...no one is really mentioning it..cheers


Re: DBX 118 PSU
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The thread mentions 20vac from secondaries so, I'd guess any suitable 120/20vac would be ok???

I wonder if this even would work??


secondaries in parallel would get you close but I'm just throwing stuff out there to bump this so someone else could chime in..... :)

or I'm sure Hammond has a selection for cheap/er .......

Re: DBX 118 PSU
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Thank you Scott for your help, really appreciate it. Will check that link out... :)


Re: DBX 118 PSU
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No problem....

Hopefully someone can chime in who knows better about this...
.... I'm not familiar enough with that circuit  to understand if what that thread is saying is legit in regards to the 20v  ........ I'll look at the schematic in a bit to see if I can decipher what they are talking about...

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Re: DBX 118 PSU
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With a full-wave rectifier the DC voltage out is approx 1.4 x AC voltage so 20 VAC would give about 28 VDC. The dbx circuit has a half-wave rectifier so the DC voltage will be less than 28

You're wanting 24 VDC (±12) so you might need a bit more than 20 VAC from the transformer

I don't believe the output voltage is critical so you could use a 24 VAC transformer or a 12-0-12 and use the secondaries in series

You should be able to buy a 110 / 12-0-12 transformer pretty much anywhere

Nick Froome


Re: DBX 118 PSU
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Just to be clear - is your power supply broken or are you looking to replace it as a mod as mentioned in your first post?


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