Siemens Faders W290.V
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Anyone have tips on restoring these faders? Siemens W 290.V

1. Cleaning / lubricating the fader contacts? Is Deoxit D5 (cleaner) followed by F100 (lubricant) OK? Or should I skip the cleaner and just use the lubricant?

2. The plastic guide is detached on one of them.  It looks like it was glued originally, which I don't like - but need to re-glue it. Gorilla glue or Epoxy?
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Re: Siemens Faders W290.V
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Bumping to see if anyone has docs or info on these. I haven't found anything online including the Kubarth site

Taking a guess at the pinout with +24v (pin14), ground (pin 13), chassis (pin12), balanced in (4&20) and out (1&23).
Not getting any signal however.


Re: Siemens Faders W290.V
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Replaced the electrolytic caps one of the amp cards and fixed a broken trace and it is passing signal now. With a sine wave input the output is about +6 dB. Still not working with the fader connected.

But it looks like the telefunken W690 is similar. Found the schematic on Kubarth's site. It uses the same Haufe RK80 multi tap input transformer (16 taps going to the fader). Now I have some idea how to hook it up.  The one I am working on is missing the center tap connection on the input transformer.


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