Klark Teknik KT-2A
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This baby arrived yesterday, so i took some time to play with it, and make a short video with comparison.

I'll open it up during the next few days and take some pictures, so expect those coming...

My initial impression:
I used high reduction levels and a drum track because the difference and character is easier to spot compared to a vocal track for example.

Opto cell is very difficult to emulate in software because of it's non linear, somewhat unpredictable behaviour. Software "pumps" and "spanks" a bit too much compared to hardware. It almost feels like a VCA compressor at times (DBX 160, SSL, etc.)

I have also done comparisons with files compressed with an original La2a at -5 and -10db reduction. KT-2A is really there, it does the same job for ridiculously low amount of money.

If anyone has some audio files of their LA-2A units originals/recreations i will gladly run them through my unit for comparison and post results here.

The stock tubes sound great, are quiet (even though an original La-2a is not the quietest unit ever). One can go into tube rolling rabbit hole, but i can't really see the reason for that.

KT-2A's output can be overdriven to get some additional, very musical tube limiting/clipping. Even without engaging any peak reduction. I haven't encountered any VST plug-in that does this yet. At normal operation levels it has ridiculously low THD (measured it myself) and is within range of original unit according to published Teletronix specs. So i guess those Midas transformers are good stuff.

As far as FR response, it has slight HF roll-off at abouk 18K.

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Here is a vocal track i found dry and compressed with true LA-2A. So i matched GR as best as i could, and got some pretty amazing results. I found that original LA-2A saturates a bit more at high end, and even sounds a bit pointy at sibilant letters. Could be that output was driven a bit more.

Other than that, i would call these two almost identical. For about 300 bucks, KT-2A is a no brainer.

True LA-2A

Klark Teknik KT-2A
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