Klark Teknik KT-2A
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This baby arrived yesterday, so i took some time to play with it, and make a short video with comparison.

I'll open it up during the next few days and take some pictures, so expect those coming...

My initial impression:
I used high reduction levels and a drum track because the difference and character is easier to spot compared to a vocal track for example.

Opto cell is very difficult to emulate in software because of it's non linear, somewhat unpredictable behaviour. Software "pumps" and "spanks" a bit too much compared to hardware. It almost feels like a VCA compressor at times (DBX 160, SSL, etc.)

I have also done comparisons with files compressed with an original La2a at -5 and -10db reduction. KT-2A is really there, it does the same job for ridiculously low amount of money.

If anyone has some audio files of their LA-2A units originals/recreations i will gladly run them through my unit for comparison and post results here.

The stock tubes sound great, are quiet (even though an original La-2a is not the quietest unit ever). One can go into tube rolling rabbit hole, but i can't really see the reason for that.

KT-2A's output can be overdriven to get some additional, very musical tube limiting/clipping. Even without engaging any peak reduction. I haven't encountered any VST plug-in that does this yet. At normal operation levels it has ridiculously low THD (measured it myself) and is within range of original unit according to published Teletronix specs. So i guess those Midas transformers are good stuff.

As far as FR response, it has slight HF roll-off at abouk 18K.

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Re: Klark Teknik KT-2A
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Here is a vocal track i found dry and compressed with true LA-2A. So i matched GR as best as i could, and got some pretty amazing results. I found that original LA-2A saturates a bit more at high end, and even sounds a bit pointy at sibilant letters. Could be that output was driven a bit more.

Other than that, i would call these two almost identical. For about 300 bucks, KT-2A is a no brainer.

True LA-2A

Klark Teknik KT-2A
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Re: Klark Teknik KT-2A
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Awesome video ! thanks for taking the time to do this, impressive unit, i'm ordering one or two to track :)


Re: Klark Teknik KT-2A
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There's a video on youtube that compares a KT-2A against an authentic DIY version of a real LA2A.

The KT-2A is clearly lacking depth & dimension in comparison to the DIY one  - and that DIY clone is not even built with original transformers...


Re: Klark Teknik KT-2A
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Depth, dimension? Or is it the fact that it's built by Behringer that it has to be bashed right out of the bat?


Re: Klark Teknik KT-2A
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Depth, dimension? Or is it the fact that it's built by Behringer that it has to be bashed right out of the bat?

Nope just judging by ears. And to my ears the difference is considerable.

Didn’t know the  KT-2A is made  by Behringer... but now it makes sense  ;D

Take it easy - no offense.
Good for you if you like how it sounds and you’re happy with it.

Re: Klark Teknik KT-2A
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No offense taken, i'm just struggling with those terms as they are very subjective and abstract. Since i am very technical guy and this techy forum i like to use some more defined terms.

TC, Midas, KT, and bunch of others are now owned by Behringer, so does that make the gear worse?

I personally wouldn't say so. KT2A is 1:1 circuit of La2a. And the components are all high quality. I havent only used ears, i have actually measured all the specs, and they are exceptional. Including the tubes which are extremely low noise, and Midas transformers that sound, perform and measure great.

However the opto cells of the two compressors in the video you posted are DIFFERENT, not by any means BETTER or WORSE. This goes for transformers as well. So you kind of get two DIFFERENT sounding compressors.

Absolutelly you can preffer one over the other, but KT2A is absolutelly performing as a LA2A type compressor, much more so than most LA2A inspired compressors on the market that are way more expensive.

abbey road d enfer

Re: Klark Teknik KT-2A
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The point here is that no two vintage LA2's sound the same, because the opto and the rest of the circuit have aged differently.
Replacing tubes and recapping changes the sound of a vintage unit, not necessarily sounding same as it did when it left the factory.
Who's right or wrong is irrelevant. What matters is what's right or wrong.
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