Another AKG Telefunken D19 Help request
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Hi Guys,

I have a AKG / Telefunken D19 BK/HI. It's in great condition and comes with a telefunken stand and the original boxes.

I have switched the plug to an xlr. I have not removed the TX or opened the mic  up yet.

The microphone picks up a good signal when my mic pre is set to high impedance  ( isa 428 ) .

When the microphone is pointed straight down  to the ground the signal weakens. I believe there is something loose in the headbasket. There is a small rattle.

I want to fix whatever's going on and remove the transformer.

Can anyone tell what I should do ?

Can you maybe do this for me if i pay you? How much would you charge?

I live in Oxford.


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Re: Another AKG Telefunken D19 Help request
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Hello Michael

The reason of this rattling is probably from a little (black) plastic dome under the membrane which sometimes goes loose, you will have to stick it back to the flat metal surface under the diaphragm. The problem lies in the way to take the mic appart. Removing the membrane is very difficult without cutting the coil wires, the coil itself can be already damaged because of this plastic part moving around. You'll have to work in a very clean environment under good lighting, Be careful with the 6 screws holding the membrane, they can get stuck by the magnet and hit the membrane. Use a magnifying glass and be sure you got steady hands this day. don't use any big strength to pull on the insulations around the soldering points connecting the coil wire to those bigger wires (yellow and green IIRC). If you can't remove insulations easily you'll need acetone to dissolve the glue holding this. Be careful not to wet the membrane, cotton swab are useful there.

Resoldering the coil to the wires is another problem... too much heat and the tiny wires burn and and will be to short to connect again.

I advise against removing transformer from a dynamic mic (especially a vintage valuable one). Hot-pluging by mistake when phantom power is on and the mic is gone.

I had a D19 from a customer with the exact same problems last week, unfortunately the coil was too damage to repair it.

Good luck


Re: Another AKG Telefunken D19 Help request
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Hi Michael,
I have sent you a PM.


Re: Another AKG Telefunken D19 Help request
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HI Guys

thanks for getting back.

I'm sorry I did not get your message sooner. So kind of you to offer.

I have taken the mic apart. Broken  the humbucker winding, snapped the little fine diaphragm wires and removed the tX. and removed the cotton wool material in the driver unit.


I have taken apart the motor and thoroughly cleaned it and the coil of the diaphragm. I re glued the black plastic bobbin to the motor gap. I replaced the humbucker  winding ( anti clockwise ) and grafted on two fine wires to the diaphragm. I have NOT replaced the cotton wool in the driver.

It is now working. with a louder output than my EV RE20.

However, there is little  bass response. The Music Speech switch works but I have so little bass response.

In your experience why have I got a good output without much bass?

Is it

1) the diaphragm is stiff?
2) is it the replacing of the humbucker wiring?
3) have i not screwed the diaphragm down enough. I tried.

I usually repair everything but this has beaten me. I feel like Tyson Fury in the final round against Wilder.



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