Youtube add skip/mute
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Getting tired of the grammerly add in youtube ? pain in the neck ?
I found a script that goes into your browser , along with a script editor .
It allows you to set the browser to automatically mute the sound and video  from adds ,and as soon as the skip button pops up its autopressed too , so blank screen and no sound  for a few seconds between tunes then straight onto the video , seems to work well enough.
It seems to click through the adds that appear in the middle of longer videos too ,and doesnt get flagged up as an add block .

You'll need a script editor too Grease/Tampermonkey etc.

its nice not to have the musical mood rudely interrupted between videos anymore ,a moment or two black screen/mute  is much more preferable .

Does anyone else have a creative solutions they like to use for the above purpose ? I guess its somewhat of a pitch battle with addblockers , but this script uses the built in functions in your browser and youtube to prevent the adds appearing, it doesnt try to block them .

Re: Youtube add skip/mute
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Thats actually working flawlessly all evening , seems like the first frame of the ad does appear briefly ,then black screen , it also saves my legacy windows pc from having to buffer and  display high def ad content , which throws a spanner in the works completely .

My browser was plagued by incompatibillity notices from youtube , telling me to upgrade my OS ,Html5 was not working at all ,so many videos wouldnt play, most played very glitchy . I found a script for FF

Followed the instructions there , added the boolean expressions and made the file like it says , the primetime module never installed ,but I edited a couple of other options in FF about:config page which seemed to be blocking things and boom ,perfect again ,no more nag screens telling me to upgrade . Combined with the extra  free memory from not having to process junk ad content I get smooth audio from youtube again .  Today the primetime module has dissappeared from my plugins list , H264 codec by cisco seems to have been upgraded , and its all working great, nag and ad free .

The auto skip looks like a neat way to circumvent Youtubes marketing machine , the few seconds or so pause between songs is just right too ,I'm almost expecting to hear vinyl crackle in the silences...... 8)  Its much easier to escape into the music when you havent ad's crashing you back to earth every 3mins30s.
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Re: Youtube add skip/mute
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..note to self: don't let Harman run your company..


Re: Youtube add skip/mute
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Maybe I'm missing your point, but I've used Adblock Plus in both Firefox and Chrome for years. No ads or skip button at all. Just plays the video.

Advertising is beyond ridiculous these days  ::).

Re: Youtube add skip/mute
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Interesting topic - thank you. Is there a similiar solution for the Amazon fire tv stick?

Re: Youtube add skip/mute
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Yeah Ive tried adblockers of one kind or another seemed to work ok for a while ,but tends to get flagged up by news websites and content gets blocked .

I just found this simpler ,it just uses standard functions within the browser and hopefully isnt flagged as ad block at the far end .
Like anything  the powers may eventually catch on and put a stop to it so its always handy to have extra options .

I have to say I found the waiting 5 seconds or more in silence for ad intro to play through a very very nice change of pace  ,as far as the ad mogul is concerned your watching it so they get credited for the viewing royalty,his crap ends up in the bin where it belongs , you can have a better more productive day not having your subconcious mind caved in by ads every few minutes, everyones happy  ;D

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