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Re: they don't get it...
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thus the mission became making money rather than making good products.
Sounds familiar...
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Re: they don't get it...
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They're so big that they had to be mounted more forward on the wing (else they'd drag the ground).  This put them forward of the "balance point" of the plane so that an increase in thrust tends to make the plane's nose tilt uplward. The MCAS was effectively a patch for this.

the MCAS system was to tweak the control response to "feel" like the old 737 air frame...hopefully to reduce the need for more extensive pilot training.   FWIW MCAS was not the critical fault but mishandling sensor failure(s) causing the flight computer to get faulty data, resulting in inappropriate autopilot commands.  Experienced pilots were able to figure out what was happening and disengage the MCAS, but a few tragically did not. 

Yeah, I think especially the Stealth bomber.  But then it's designed that way from the ground up, everything is very well tested, etc., etc., etc.
My point is that airlines will continue to pursue more fuel efficient flight platforms that will likely be less stable and more difficult to fly without cybernetic assistance. So I expect more computer involvement in control systems not less...
There's a longish and detailed thread on diyaudio, they trace (and there's some online article to this effect) the ultimate problem to a quarter century ago when Boeing was bought by and began to be run by finance people (and the corporate headquarters moved away from the plant) rather than engineers, thus the mission became making money rather than making good products.
There are many moving parts to the Boeing business including unions, a "can do" pilot culture, government regulators who were arguably dependent on Boeing engineers to understand the technology they were regulating, etc, far from that simple. 

Boeing management clearly made mistakes that are fairly easy to see in hindsight. They are now throwing themselves on the mercy of regulators to let them fly again. The critical problems have been fixed (I think) and they have been well punished, but it isn't finished yet.


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