DIY mixing desk furniture?
« on: March 25, 2019, 12:09:56 AM »
Hi - has anyone cobbled together a DIY mixing desk out of off the shelf components (e.g., IKEA)?  I would love to recreate something like this commercial desk since it has 12U under both sides and a big sliding tray (but $2500 USD for the real deal is out of the question right now):  I have two computer screens on top and a tower PC and two 12U racks underneath (though the 2x12U gear is currently in Odyssey racks). I'm not wedded to having an 88 key piano on the tray since I could see putting my mackie mix control and a typing keyboard on there instead.

I'm curious if anyone has any elegant DIY solutions besides buying the real thing or $2000 worth of carpentry tools and $2000 worth of wood.  ;) Thanks.  --Roger


Re: DIY mixing desk furniture?
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I have ordered a rack plan from here in the past....Pretty good......

This one is pretty cool...

//// thread above links to here too....nice

and there are quite a few threads of other builds across various forums..... and pinterest even has some nice ideas........

I found that figuring out how to finish was the most difficult/time consuming part for me......  definitely try to have everything sorted out before building......

////nicer material makes finishing easier.......culled stuff is cheap but makes for more work unless you get lucky.... :-\
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Re: DIY mixing desk furniture?
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Cool! Thanks for the links, scott2000. --Rog


Re: DIY mixing desk furniture?
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I built my own racks and mixing desk for my modded Soundcraft Ghost. I'll be building a sidecar ITB mixing desk pretty soon out of some black oak I've been sitting on.
 There's some pics here:

I am currently working on using a raspberry pi to show spectrum and volume metering via two 7 x 5 inch screens which will be fitted into the desk on each side of the Ghost's meter.
If there's a harder way to do this, I haven't found it yet.

Re: DIY mixing desk furniture?
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I made a desk out of 8020 aluminum from Cost about $600 in parts. You have to assemble it yourself, obviously. It works great and it's customizable. I basically just used the rough dimensions of the Sterling Modular Plan A and went from there.


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